Heidi Ulrich


I am a frontend developer, aka ‘webdesigner’. I’ve had side jobs as graphic designer, a shortened education in DTP, two art academies, and a year of being a backend developer. I love automating things and seeing a good and functional result.

In daily life, I’m allround frontend developer for Exxtra, soon to be Epartment. Allround stands for the fact that I pick up all kinds of tasks I see within my field of work. Think of designs, DNS changes, communcation with customers, and some help around the office. I love to be doing things.


Freelance vertaler

Beside my dayjob as frontend developer, I enjoy working as translator.

I provide translations in the following languages

I work with

I also have extensive experience with git-based workflows. I work directly in code on files we’ve agreed upon. I work with fast translation methods, optimizations by complex regular expressions (regexp) and knowledge of the context of the translation. Translation of formatted text and strings in code are possible.

Invoicing per project based on an agreed price per translated word. Inquire for a payment agreement.

Relevant work experience

Voice actor

I like to record voice overs. For that you can find me on Voices.com.